How to Donate Your Pencils to 20 Pencils

A community to help kids in need


Donating Pencils is Easy

Instructions for shipping pencil donations to 20 Pencils.
  1. Collect pencils: Gather any new or gently used pencils that you would like to donate.
  2. Package the pencils: Use a sturdy box and padding to package the pencils securely. This will help prevent any damage during shipping.
  3. Address the package: Label the package with our non-profit organization's name and mailing address, which you can find below.
  4. Ship the package: Take the package to a shipping carrier or post office and send it to our address. Optional: Be sure to choose a shipping method that includes tracking and insurance to ensure that the package arrives safely.
  5. Confirm receipt: Once we receive the package, we'll send you a confirmation message to thank you for your donation and let you know that the pencils will be put to good use.

Note: Your shipping costs for donating pencils to our non-profit organization may be tax deductible. Please consult with your tax professional for more information on how to claim this deduction.

Thank you for considering a donation of pencils to our non-profit organization. Your contribution will help support our mission of promoting education and success for kids in need.

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